Private Practice


J. Rohlof uses different psychotherapeutic and psychiatric methods, mostly from behavioral and directive origin. He can also prescribe psychotropic medication. Treatment is according to the guidelines of branch organisations and scientific institutions. His specialisation is the treatment of anxious disorders, depressions, and the treatment of highly intelligent people. Treatment is possible in English, French, German, or (easy) Italian.

There is place in the practice for new patients. The waiting time for a first assessment is two to three weeks. After that the waiting time for treatment will be two weeks.

The practice will be closed on the 1st of January, 2025. Treatments will be possible till that date.

video calls

It is possible to have a treatment by video calls. These treatments are reimbursed by the insurance companies.  The usual medium for video calls is Zoom, but other mediums like Teams can also be used.


In this practice there are contracts with the main five insurance companies (see the Dutch page ‘eigen praktijk’ for all the companies), and all smaller companies . This means that all costs of treatment in the practice will be reimbursed by the insurance companies. Ask for information during the first session. In the Netherlands all persons have to pay the first 385 euros of spent health care coasts in a year.

Insurance companies settled abroad will generally reimburse all costs. Persons who want to pay privately will be charged as following: the charge is € 160.00 for a full hour, € 120.00 for three quarters of an hour and € 80.00 for half an your. Time spent on letters et cetera will be counted separately.


J. Rohlof is member of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychiatrie, the Society for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy and the Dutch Society for Psychotherapy. Besides this he is member of the Section Transcultural Psychiatry of the World Psychiatric Association, of which he was the chair, the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry (Board member from 2015-2022) and of the European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies.
He is publishing on a regular base in scientific journals. See the list of publications.


If it is not possible to talk with the therapist about the complaints, patients can go to the independent Complaint Committee of the Netherlands Society of Psychiatry, about which the therapist has to give information. J.Rohlof is responsible for any damage, and is insured for this.


In cases of emergency the patient can always turn to the therapist. During holidays a colleague psychiatrist will take care for consultation. His name will be on the home page of the website.

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